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Farm Workshop, Green Barn, Tractor Shed / Stables,
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Farm Buildings Pack Deal C


Grain elevator, barn silo, tractor shed, storage warehouse farm buildings. Fun to construct.

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HO N OO size farm scale models

The paper model buildings in this series are exactly as mentioned above; they show normal signs of wear and tear that might happened gradually over the years. A bit of mold on some walls, a few cracks in structures, some flaking of the paintwork etc. All the make these scale model buildings present as being very real and in some need of maintenance.

These paper models can be made for HO scale railroads, or constructed in OO gauge, or for N scale model railroads. It is merely a case of deciding at the checkout which scale of printable plans you want to download. The OO scale plans are printable same size, or they can be scaled to 87 percent on a home printer. That’s easy. Selecting to download the N scale paper models means you can print those plans same size to exactly N scale.

This downloadable paper model farm structures will look brilliant on your model railroad especially when positioned carefully in the likely position they would be on a real working farm. Include some scale model animal figurines of sheep, or cattle and you will bring the miniature agricultural scenery to life. A tractor and some farm implements around the fields will help complete the modeled scene.

The multitude of uses for the scale model buildings on a railroad layout are numerous. Structures can be utilized as warehouse buildings, a mechanics workshop, a rural barn building, or as a storage shed for farm equipment… the options are numerous.

The scale model buildings can be assembled utilizing some left-over card from cereal boxes, or even corflute. Whatever use you put the paper models together, a quick look at the detailed textures will easily show the age of the farm buildings and how they have obviously seen a lot of use over the years. These scale model buildings are not dilapidated and it haven’t fallen into total disrepair, but some are exhibiting natural signs of weathering and use. The paper models are honestly weathered to replicate real life use with indications of dirt and grime built up from years of exposure to farm life.

Farm Buildings Pack Deals

Farm Buildings

How To Construct Scale Model Farm Buildings from Card Using Downloaded Printable Paper Plans

When you closely examine the scale model farm buildings you can download from this paper models website, you’ll be amazed at the attention to detail including visible cracks in the brickwork and dirt and grime on some of the walls. Its best that scale model buildings don’t look brand new or too clean, because in a real life agricultural environment structures are not always perfect. Far from it, often the agricultural structures are rather grubby with rotting timber, broken windows, and flaking paintwork. That’s not to say farmers are lazy or don’t care, it’s just that they have so much work to do milking cows or planting fields, that tasks and expenses need to be prioritized. It’s not like in the city where people are more conscious of what their peers might think than someone who resides in a rural environment typically is. Farmers are basically business people who work hard and need to make daily decisions around how they use their time and resources and spend their money. Generally fixing a bit of damage to an old barn is not such a high priority as tending to livestock or planting and fertilizing the fields. That’s why in real life farm buildings can be in various states of disrepair.

These scale model farm buildings look totally convincing when constructed

Some of the scale model buildings even have an added extension (a smaller building), that looks like it might have been added to the main farm building at some point in recent years. It would look even more authentic with a couple of old vehicles parked outside, or a van or truck ready for loading/unloading, or possibly a farm tractor or fertilzer spreader parked outside.

Talking of agricultural equipment and machinery that could be modeled on a rural model railroad, here are some tools and farm equipment or machinery that a small farm might have access to depending on the era or geographical region you are modeling:

1. Tractor – Tractors in various brands, horsepower, and sizes and are definitely a versatile and vital piece of farm equipment for most farmers. There are two-wheeled tractors ( a type of walk behind tractor), which can be used with various attachments including a a rototiller, hay baler, wagon, seeder, bed shaper and other attachments. Including a tractor positioned near the scale model buildings on your HO scale railroad would be a suitable piece on farm equipment to include.

2. All terrain vehicles (ATV’s) and utility vehicles (UTV’s) are common on farming properties these days. They are great for getting around lager farms. All terrain vehicles are also useful for hauling the harvest or other farm machinery. AVT’s can also tow small trailers.

3. Farm Trucks – Most farmers have a truck of some kind so including a truck parked near the scale model buildings would look good.

4. Wagons – A farm wagon can be used for many tasks including dispensing feed and for moving hay.

5. Mowers – There are push-behind mowers, ride-on mowers, zero turn mowers, belly mounted mowers, and even pull behind mowers. This machinery can be used for the maintenance of lawns and pastures. Other options include sickle bar mowers for hay making, drum mowers, disc mowers, brush mowers, flail mowers, and batwing mowers to add to the list of farm equipment that could be modeled on an HO scale model railroad layout.

6. A Plastic Mulch Layer attachment can be added to a tractor plasticulture growing methods.

7. Backhoe – There is farm equipment for digging holes. Backhoes are separate hydraulic implements for various types of tractors. If you are planning model railroad scenery then having a farmer in the field digging holes with a tractor and backhoe would not be out of place.

8. Sprayers – This is something most farmers would own. Sprayers are used to apply herbicides and pesticides.

9. Irrigation Systems – To get the best crops they need a reliable water supply. Irrigation systems can be as basic as a soaker hose, or as complex as a multi level drip irrigation system.

10. Sickle – a sickle was something seen a lot a few decades back. It is a a piece of hand-held cutting equipment typically used for harvesting or tidying up around the farm.

11. Other agricultural tools likely to be seen on a farm include: a scythe, rakes, balers, combined harvester, manure spreader, hydroponics, seed drills, a front-end loader for moving bulky items, a cultivator, a cultipacker, plows (chisel plows, moldboard plows, and disk plows), a harrow, a broadcast Seeder, and a transplanter

So that’s an idea of some of the agricultural equipment that could be found on a real farm. Some of these items will be too difficult to model but others will be perfect positioned around the farm or near the scale model buildings on an HO scale railroad.

Constructing scale model buildings like the ones on this website are an enormous amount of fun. The end results are truly impressive!

You’ll be thrilled to know you can print out more than just one copy of the paper models if you think you might need a similar building on your railroad layout. Printing a second copy of the paper models won’t breach international copyright laws given you are doing it solely for your own private usage.

Above there is one special deal that includes a grain elevator, a tractor shed, a smoke house, a barn and an outhouse, along with another big barn and a grain silo… and not forgetting the factory warehouse building. Choose the special discount package offer for the best buy and select OO gauge for OO scale or HO scale, or select N scale.

Download Paper Models of a Grain Elevator

Looking so realistic, a model grain elevator would look brilliant as a feature on a farm scene diorama or in a country scene on a model railroad. Put a grain elevator in a landscape with a farm or scale model farm equipment shed.

A grain elevator and flour mill was often the most prominent structure alongside a railroad track. Basically a grain elevator is a very tall tower which contains a bucket elevator (or pneumatic conveyor), which is designed to scoop the grain up from a lower level and then deposit it in a silo (or another storage facility).

Today grain elevators are constructed in concrete and steel, but in days gone by they were constructed from timber so were vulnerable to fire. Bucket elevators lift the grain where it falls though conveyors or spouts into silos, tanks or bins. The grain gets weighed and blended ready for transportation to wholesalers or grain exporters via railroad, road, or in some cases on a barge. In real life the height of grain elevators varied from 80 feet to 130 feet.

Grain elevator paper model B428 looks just like the real thing and has even been pre-weathered to make it look like it has been exposed to lots of sunshine and rain over the years. The sign painted on the side of the tower is even fading away after years of exposure to the conditions. This downloadable printable model is incredibly realistic and looks like a miniature version of the kind of structure you would see on a farm alongside a real railroad.

Each of these scale model buildings is delivered to you thanks to the internet as an instant download. Being a PDF file makes the paper models easy to save to your computer ready for you to print out a copy whenever you want. There is no problem printing multiple copies of these scale model buildings as long as the prints are for you personally, and are not sold, traded, swapped, or given away to anyone else.

Constructing the downloaded paper kits using cardboard is enjoyable. You print out the model on paper, glue it to the cardboard on a cereal packet, cut it out and glue it together. The drawings will guide you through the process.

Order now, and take advantage of the special multi pack offer above where you get 5 model buildings at a discounted price: a barn grain silo, a factory warehouse, a tractor shed and smokehouse, a barn and outhouse, and not forgetting the tall grain elevator.

Construct a Barn Building and WC for your Scale Model Railroad Scenery

If you look above you will see an aged rural barn structure that has obviously been seriously exposed to the rain and wind throughout the years since it was first constructed. Yes it is rustically weathered and would look remarkably realistic on your HO scale model railroad (or OO, or N scale).

This paper model farm barn building looks rustic and in much need of a good paint, but no need to worry as you won’t need to be doing any painting, because actually looks more authentic the way it currently is. The weathering techniques already in place on this barn are impressive and definitely gives it heaps of character.

If you haven’t constructed printable kits before, you’ll certainly enjoy the process and find it easy. You can also print out these paper model kits numerous times (without paying for more than one download). Each one comes with easy-to-follow sketches demonstrating where each of the parts fits. The printable model kits are all pre-weathered to provide rustic character and authenticity to the finished structure… but, that’s not stopping you from applying your own unique detailing if you want to.

Download one of the printable barn PDF paper models, then print it out, glue it to card-stock (old cornflakes box), cut it out, and glue the pieces together. The whole exercise is definitely enjoyable.

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