More than 200 “Beautifully DetailedPrintable
Model Railroad Buildings
to Download, Print, and Build

Have a closeup look at the excellent quality of detailing and weathering on the 200 plus printable model railroad buildings on sale and you’ll be impressed with high standard of these downloadable paper models. And, when you’ve built them using discarded cereal box cardboard or corflute, you’ll definitely be fascinated with exactly how strong and durable they are. Without doubt you’ll get years, in fact decades of use out of them. Furthermore, you can construct these printed replicas of real structures to N scale, OO scale, or make them as HO scale buildings for your railway layout.

printable plans model railroad houses
printable plans scale model railroad warehouses
printable old wild west railroad building models
download printable railroad shipping container scale models

You can buy the above discounted packages which include scale model plans to download for: residential houses, industries for railway backgrounds, old wild western models, and replica miniature 10ft, 20ft, and 40ft shipping containers which you can put together with card.

Download Printable Model Railroad Buildings For Your Railway

If you are in the interesting process of building, or planning to build, a new model railway in your home or garage space, you are no doubt already calculating how much it might cost to setup and get operational. After all, by the time you have purchased train tracks, expensive locomotives and rollingstock, electrical wiring, model railroad buildings, scenery, trees, foliage and shrubs, and everything else you might need for a decent model train layout, it can really add up. However, in saying that, the same applies to other hobbies and sport activities like golfing. When you look above you’ll see you can however save money buying paper models of printable replica railway buildings that are designed in photographic form so are of the highest quality.
Fortunately when constructing a railway layout you can spread the costs over years, and usually decades, because rail modelling is a life-long activity. Realistically, the annual cost can be averaged out over those years or decades, so the cost doesn’t need to be excessive. Also, there are some clever ways to save money on constructing your model railway without compromising on quality. In fact, sometimes materials and supplies that cost less are actually better. Happily, these printable model railroad buildings for sale fit nicely into that category so is definitely a way to cut your set up costs quite drastically without sacrificing quality. Plastic kits are good too, but they can be very pricey and still require paints, an artists fine paintbrush skills, and expert airbrushing abilities to even get close to resembling photographic images of real buildings and structures

model railroad bridges tunnel portals walls printable plans
ho scale printable scale model farm buildings
scale models printable railroad buildings - shops
download print railroad yard ho scale models

On sale above are scale buildings you can download and assemble after sticking the paper plans to corflute or card. Shown above is: a pedestrian overbridge ideal for a railway station setting, tunnel portals, rail and road bridges to make, plans for arched brick walls, a grain pool elevator, farm barns and stables or tractor shed, low relief backdrop shops for a street scene, and a range of 3D railway yard structures including an engine shed, workshops, and freight depots with loading docks. They can all be assembled to HO scale, or to N scale, or OO gauge size. Just download them, save the designs on your computer, print them out when you are ready to put the models together.

Construct Printable Paper Models for Your Railroad and Save!

When you compare the cost of making several printable model railroad buildings, with the price you will pay for one or two plastic kits, and you will be pleasantly surprised how far your money will go. These paper plans are remarkably sturdy when constructed with cheap materials like cornflake box cardboard, foam board / corflute, and balsa wood. They’ll last for decades and can easily be strengthened even more by putting some pieces of spare card inside your finished railroad models.

As you can see from the discount packages for sale above, the selection of printable model buildings is extensive and varied. You can create complete towns, scale model railway stations, rail yard buildings, old west buildings, mining town structures, model shipping containers, farm barns, grain elevators, and out buildings, backdrop factories, loading bays, and industries, as well as residential dwellings, terraced houses, and shops. So you can create a replica setting depicting life in the countryside, or use these paper models to recreate a city or town scene, or use these printable railroad models as part of the foreground or background scenery in or around rail yards on your layout. The downloaded plans can be printed to HO scale size, or
print them to N scale or OO gauge size.

Use photocopy paper (about one cent a sheet to buy), some scrap cardboard, or corflute / foam board (very cheap in a large sheet), some adhesive, and usual tools like a craft knife and steel ruler. So, you can buy some of these beautiful model railroad background buildings for our incredibly cheap prices and you will be amazed at how little you will actually spend to get absolutely everything you need .

Once erected, you can place them around your railway layout, and no one will ever even notice they are made from corflute / cardboard and paper. Fact is, they will look amazingly like the real thing.

Getting the Basics Right from Day One, So That The Scenery and Printable
Buildings Fit Perfectly Into The Railroad Scenery You Are Creating

Let’s look at some of the possibilities to consider when planning your model train layout. I appreciate you are probably keen to rush out and buy lots of stuff and get started, but unfortunately that’s where so many beginners (and even experienced railroaders) go wrong. Mistakes at the early stages, or at any stage, can have long term effects and definitely prove costly in terms of both time and money… not to mention the frustration of trying to remedy problems that probably could have been avoided with some careful planning.

Decide What You Really Want. Before you go crazy with the credit card, think carefully about how much time and money you want to spend on this hobby. You may want to start off slowly before getting too committed in what can become an absorbing railroading hobby… even an obsession. Maybe you had a train set when you were a kid and you can remember those times with great fondness. But that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to mortgage the house right at the start.

If the objective is to maximize your pleasure from this enthralling hobby, then don’t skimp on the essentials, like a decent locomotive and a good power pack. You don’t have to spend megabucks but you do need to get something that will meet your needs and be functional. You can always add to your set or upgrade as you become more involved in the hobby. So, it’s not a problem if you can’t afford the state of the art stuff from day one.

Write down your wish list. Set yourself a budget and work out what each item will cost. Then prioritize your list and decide on some alternative choices that might be worth considering depending on your budget constraints. Talk to the staff at your local hobby shop as they may have some alternative suggestions. They are the ones who should be able to advise what’s new, what’s good…and even what to avoid.

When you compare the cost of these printable miniature model replicas with plastic kits, you will be blown away by how far your money will go, and when constructed, you’ll be thrilled with the quality of what you assemble ready for pride of place on your N scale, OO, or HO scale railway layout. They will set off your scenery and model trains perfectly

Begin with the End in Mind When Planning your Layout
Track Configuration, Scenery, and Scale Model Buildings

It is always a good idea to set some objectives and goals. Begin with the end in mind. Apart from providing pleasure, what else do you want from your train layout? When you think about it, you’ll probably decide that is has to be functional and as realistic as possible by using printable paper models. Write down what you want to achieve and then you can get started on the exciting part where you can combine your vision and attention to detail with your creativity, technical, and problem solving skills.

Ask yourself: How will your layout operate? Do you want several trains to be on the move at the same time? What type of rolling stock do you want to run? Do you enjoy shunting wagons around a goods yard? Maybe you just want to switch on and watch your train go round and round a circle of track. Do you want to run to a timetable? Do you want to replicate a real world setting, or create a fantasy world from your own imagination? Do you want your model structures and buildings to be accurate in size and design by using photographic images sold here, or would you rather buy plastic kits and paint and airbrush them yourself?

Get the idea? You won’t know the answer to every question you come up with, but it will help clarify your thinking as to what you really want to achieve.

The Best Methods For Creating Model Railroad Backdrops

Good quality railroad backdrops can really lift the overall appearance and credibility of an HO scale railway layout. If the industries, shops, houses, farm structures, or city apartment buildings look plastic and painted they will look artificial to the casual or serious observer. It only takes one thing to look fake and it can spoil the complete effect of the scale model train scenery. That’s why the printable model railroad buildings you see above have incredible attention to the finest details like having curtains in the windows, rust marks on metal, mold on some buildings, stress cracks in some concrete and brickwork etc. This photographic type detailing is what makes each scaled down miniature replica look so real and convincing. It is just not possible (or extremely difficult or time consuming), to achieve anything near this quality with other construction methods and materials.

People who have never constructed paper models before rightly ask how strong the buildings will be when finished. Well, as with other scenery props, or plastic kits they should be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heaters, or roaming cats. Those things can damage any object on a scale railway setup. For making background industries, terrace houses and other backdrop structures, we recommend using corflute or foam board, not only because it is so sturdy and durable, but this material is also very low cost to buy – and is readily available in DIY and Discount or Art Supply stores. The printable paper models can be glued directly on to the corflute after downloading the plans to size you want. They will be very, very sturdy and stand the test of time. Additional strips of card or foam board can be adhered to the inside of the erected models if needed, although it is probably an overkill. The constructed structures can also be sprayed lightly with a matt varnish if desired. This will provide further protection over time.

Not only are these plans inexpensive to purchase, download, print, and build, you’ll also save money on expensive shipping as well. The downloaded PDF files purchased online don’t need shipping, so there is no extra cost, and you can save the designs to your computer or on a USB stick if you want. So, it is possible to buy and make railway backdrop buildings at an incredibly affordable price, and get them positioned on your model railway in just a few hours.

Search through our online catalog, or download a free PDF catalog from our Home Page. You will see you can buy single model buildings, save money buying the plans on sale in packs of five, 10 or more assorted designs. Simply decide how many paper models you want, which packs offer you the most variety for the best value price, and if there are individual buildings you may want to purchase as well.

Look for the printable model railroad buildings you like, the uniqueness of each design, ease of assembly and, of course, the value-for money price. Remember too, as you are not paying extra for shipping. All you have to do is print your purchases out and assemble them.

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