5 Derelict Railroad Models
Bringing "Lifelike Realism" To Your Model Train Setup.

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Derelict Railroad Background Models


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Download Plans For All 5 “Impressively Realistic
Derelict & Abandoned Railroad ModelsSAVE 68%
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Make 5 Derelict Abandoned Factory Warehouses:

Plan B686 Slones Breweries Building, B687 Walcot Auto & Parts Stores, B688 Classic Custom Windows Building, B694 Old Fire Damaged Building, and B695 the Peter Holton Industries Building.

Perfect For HO Scale, OO Gauge, and N Scale Model Railroad Background Displays

Simply select the scale you work in when ordering. After downloading and printing, you can construct the paper models using card (from a cereal pack), or foamboard, or corflute. The assembled buildings are incredibly sturdy when constructed. If you are in any doubt you can simply glue some scraps of card inside the assembled models to provide additional strength. And, if you choose, you can spray your assembled scale railroad models with a clear matt varnish to provide even more protection.

Downloading these PDF scale model plans is easy and constructing the paper models is definitely fun, especially when you see how strong and realistic the finished railroad buildings are. Position the structures behind a rail yard or some track on your model railroad layout. They’ll look very authentic set against a sky scene or greenery background directly behind a classification yard that’s used for storing, sorting, or unloading and loading railway cars and locomotives. Make these background buildings to OO scale, HO scale, N scale or sizes in between.

The Fun & Easy Way To Make Your Own Scale Models That Look Convincingly Real!

You won’t need any airbrushing or weathering skills to bring these background buildings to life. The plans for these building are strikingly “photo-realistic” and come already weathered complete with rust, mildew, cracks, broken windows, and other realistic true to life touches.

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Abandoned and derelict industry warehouse and factory buildings although at times unsightly, will always add character and authentic realism to a model railway yard scene, because as we all know, rail yards are not always the cleanest of locations. Rail yards are generally well organized to handle inbound and outbound freight consignments, but they typically look greasy, feature random graffiti, and are located away from residential housing in industrial areas. So, these 5 scale background models will look right at home to form the backdrop of a busy railyard on any HO scale, N scale, or OO gauge model railroad layout.

Plans for these 5 PDF paper models are easy to download and construct. Foamboard and/or corflute sheets are inexpensive and strong construction materials. Both are perfect for making HO scale and OO gauge background models. Cardboard recycled from an old cereal pack is the preferred construction material for many N scale model makers because it is thinner and easy to use for smaller N scale parts.

Industry scenes are a popular op􀀕on for model railroaders because they can give the railroad a purpose and a reason to operate freight cars such as boxcars, auto racks, center-beam cars, covered hopper wagons, coil cars, flatcars, gondolas, refrigerated boxcars, intermodal equipment, open-top hoppers, well cars, and tank cars. The various cars and wagons eventually end up in a yard for storage and sorting into consists awaiting movement to the next destination.

The 5 scale railroad models in this railroading series are designed as background building for positioning together or separately as a backdrop behind a rail yard on an OO scale, N scale, or HO scale train layout.