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5 Intricately Detailed Railroad Industries
Adding “Lifelike Realism” To Your Model Train Layout!


Railroad Industries Scale Models


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Download Plans For All 5 “Intricately Detailed
Railroad Industries to HO Scale, OO, or N Scale

These Plans Can Be Purchased Separately.

Download, Print, and Build!


5 Fun To Make Scale Model Background Warehouses:

With these downloadable plans you can construct 5 realistic model railroad industrial buildings to N scale size, OO gauge, or HO scale size. The background models in this railroad industries series comprise:

Plan B696 the Farmers Co-Op Creamery Dairy Factory Building
Plan B697 the Harvest Fresh Grain Distributors Building
Plan B698 the United Rail Distributors Gold Storage Warehouse and Offices Building
Plan B699 the G.J. Manufacturing Industries Building
Plan B700 the P.G. Robertson Manufacturing Industries Building

Suitable For OO Gauge, N Scale, and HO Scale Model Railroad Background Scenes

The first thing is to choose your scale preference when ordering. After downloading and printing the PDF plans, you can build these paper models using corflute or foamboard. Cereal box card is perfect for small any parts. The constructed background buildings are very robust when built. You also have the option to glue a few off-cuts of corflute or cardboard on the inside of the completed models to make the buildings even stronger. Another option is to spray your constructed scale railroad industry models with a clear matt varnish for even more durability and protection.

The plans for these model railroad industries can be downloaded in the widely used PDF format, so there is nothing complicated to worry about. Building these models is both fun and easy, and when completed the railroad industry models are sure to impress both you and your friends. Simply position them against the background behind a rail yard or spur on your model train layout. They’ll look just like real buildings when off-set against a scenic sky background. Put some model trains on the tracks in front to complete the railroad scene. If you model in OO gauge then select the OO option when ordering. HO scale models can be easily made by scaling the OO print size to 87%. If you model N scale then choose the N scale option when ordering.

The Fun & Easy Way To Make Your Own Scale Models That Look Convincingly Real!

You won’t need any airbrushing or weathering skills to bring these background buildings to life. The plans for these building are strikingly “photo-realistic” and come already weathered complete with rust, mildew, cracks, broken windows, and other realistic true to life touches. Watch the video tutorial that demonstrates how easy these scale model buildings are to construct, and how life-like they are when placed in a model railroad setting.

Authentic Look Just Like Real Railroad Industries

These model railroad industrial buildings are not designed to “look pretty”. Instead, they are designed to resemble their real-world counterparts that are often seen alongside railroad tracks and rail yards. Just like in real life, these model buildings shows the impacts that age and weathering has had on their appearance. They don’t look like shiny new plastic models fresh out of the box, and they don’t require airbrushing or artistic skills to make them look real and authentic. Instead, the textures use photo-realistic images designed to add character and “authentic realism” to the completed models. Real rail yards are NOT the cleanest of places, so these models will look right at home on any model train layout depicting a real life scene.

Railway yards are typically organized to systematically control both outbound and inbound freight shipments with efficiency and safety being the top priorities. Looking beautiful is not usually on the priority list for most railroad operators, which explains why rail yards are often a popular target for graffiti artists. Although the graffiti can often be seen from passing trains, in real life the rail yards and their associated railroad industries are located somewhat away from residential housing.

Incorporating railroad industries on a train layout is a sensible option for model railroaders because every railroad needs a purpose in order to exist. The freight cars, boxcars, center-beam cars, auto racks, coil cars, covered hopper wagons, gondolas, flatcars, open-top hoppers, tank cars, refrigerated boxcars, intermodal equipment, well cars, and tank cars all need a reason to be operating. Industries located alongside or in close proximity to a railroad route makes economical sense for the railroad and its customers. The operators of the various plants, factories, and warehouse distributors often locate their businesses near a railroad because they need quick, efficient and cost-effective transport routes to distribute the goods they produce. Suppliers to the industries also need efficient access in order to transport raw materials, fuels etc to the plants, factories, and other railroad industries.

The 5 scale railroad models in this industrial railroading series are designed for positioning together or separately as a backdrop behind a rail yard on an OO scale, N scale, or HO scale train layout.